Johannesburg facts

Date: 17th Sep 2018 @ 1:58pm





As part of our theme topic in year 5, we have been looking at Johannesburg in South Africa and apartheid. If you find out any interesting facts which you would like to share, please write them below.

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Isobel Hulme wrote:

Johannesburg is over 120 years old. Johannesburg is the second biggest city in Africa.

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Heidi duncan wrote:

Johannesburg was found on the 4 October 1886 during the gold rush.

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Jessica white wrote:

Johannes burg was found on the 4th of october

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Kirsty Winstanley wrote:

Johannesburg is the biggest city in South Africa

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Lucy Rudge wrote:

We have learnt a lot about Johannesburg

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Emily f wrote:

Johannesburg is in Africa

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