The Rainforest

Date: 21st Aug 2018 @ 4:08pm

The Rainforest

We are going to be learning about the rainforest, particularly about the Amazon Rainforest.

What do you already know about rainforests? What would you like to find out about?

Add comments to the blog or add pictures and videos that you find so that everyone else can see them too.



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joshua a-g wrote:

do wandering spiders live in the amazon rainforest

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lucy davies wrote:

i love the rain forest and i have learned so much and loved the topic thak you so much mrs.flemming

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Mrs Fleming wrote:

You are very welcome Lucy. I'm glad that you've enjoyed learning about it.
What do you think about our book 'The Explorer'?

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amy wrote:

this is a bit late but I enjoyed learning about the rainforest and seeing what living things are in there and what happens in the rainforest. most of all reading the wonderful book ''the explorer''.

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