Room on the Broom

Date: 23rd Nov 2015 @ 11:03pm

Today we read the story of 'Room on the Broom 'by Julia Donaldson.

The children were fascinated by the characters in the story and then went onto try and make their own 'truely magnificent broom' in the creative and construction areas.  We talked about the length of the different brooms. 

Can you child remember the correct vocabulary that we use when describing the length of objects? 

Does your child know of any other stories that are written by Julia Donalson?  Are they also a rhyming book?



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Emma and Lauren Cranny wrote:

Lauren could describe lengths using short, shorter and shortest. She really enjoyed watching Room on the Broom and joined in with the story. We have read lots of Julia Donalson books because Lauren likes the rhyming in them. Some of her favourites include The Gruffalo, The Scarecrows Wedding, Monkey Puzzle and The Smartest Giant in Town.

Mrs Baxter wrote:

Well done Lauren for remembering the correct vocabulary related to length. I am glad you enjoyed this story. I think one of my favourite stories has got to be The Smartest Giant in Town, although I haven't read The Scarecrow's Wedding. I know we have a copy of this book in our book corner so I will have to read it now that you have recommended it - thank you.

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Bethany & Karen Sutton wrote:

We enjoyed the story. Bethany likes the witch best. We like the Julia Donaldson stories too & stickman

Mrs Baxter wrote:

I love the story of Stickman too. Don't forget to watch the new animation of the book over Christmas.

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