Attendance for This Half Term


Attendance at school is VERY important and we (1S) would like to win the Attendance 'battle' for this half term.  Try your very best to attend everyday.




PLEASE continue to make sure you are in school, on time every day. It REALLY MATTERS!

The amount of new learning in Year 1 is HUGE and if you are absent you miss it and may find it more difficult to catch up and meet expectations for Year 1.


SUMMER TERM 2 (Up to July 2018 - When you were in RM)

How many children are  GOLD ? [above 98% attendance]      23% (7 children)

How many children are SILVER ?    23% (7 children) [between 96% and 97.99% attendance]

How many children are BRONZE ?   57% (17 children)   [below 95.99% attendance]

Well done to those children who were gold - you are SUPERSTARS!!  If you didn't quite make it last year, can you improve your attendance this year?  Remember, we are all GOING FOR GOLD!

To improve your attendance and reach 'Silver' and then 'Gold' it is in school on time! Your percentage attendance increases every day that you come into school; so if you are not yet at Gold you can achieve it by the end of the year if you come into school whenever you are able to.


100% Attendance for last half term (Autumn 1)

Congratulations to:   


100% Attendance since September

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