Autumn Term's Attendance

Congratulations to Keira, Olivia-Rose, Macie, Evie, Luca, Maya, Kaydan and Oliver for 100% attendance this term!!

Well done to Cerys, Skye, Lacie-Mae, Tommy, Sam and Finley for 100% attendance this half term.

Our overall attendance this half term is 94.90% which puts us in 12th position out of 13 within the school.  Let's see if we get a higher position on the league table next half term.


This term's attendance

13 pupils are on gold (98% attendance)

2 pupil is on silver (96% attendance)

15 pupils are on bronze (below 96% attendance)

Our attendance has dipped this term so far as we have gone from 18 pupils on gold to 13.

Let's see if we can get back to 18 by the end of the term.

Good luck everyone.



Congratulations to  Maxim, Michael, Olivia-Rose, George, Luca, Evie, Keira, Dexter, Riley, Maya, Oliver, Macie, Lucy and Kaydan who receoived a 100% attendance certificate today. 

Keep up this great effort.


Our overall attendance this term is 95%

18 pupils are on gold (98% attendance)

1 pupil is on silver (96% attendance)

11 pupils are on bronze (below 96% attendance)


This year we are trying to encourage as many pupils as possible to get gold in their attendance.


  • 98% is outstanding attendance and your child will receive a gold certificate.
  • 96% is good attendance and your child will receive a silver certificate.


In order to achieve this attendance your child needs to attend school on a regular basis.

Good luck to you all, we will be looking at how well you are doing in 3 weeks time.

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