Every week/fortnight your child will receive a home/school task that is related to what we have been learning in school. 

Many tnhanks for your support in this matter.  We look forward to seeing all of the children's wonderful work

15-2-19  3D Shape Hunt

This week we have been learning about 3D shapes and will be continuing this work after half term.  To help your child learn the names for these 3D shapes we would like them to carry out a shape hunt to see what 3D shapes they can find.  For example, a tin of baked beans is a cylinder.

What shape do they find the most of?

Have fun hunting.

Date due in 27-2-19.


7-2-19  Making patterns

We have been making repeating patterns with shapes, colours, beads, dinosaurs, etc...

We would like your child to create a prepeating attern at home using any objects of their choice, eg 2p 5p 2p 5p 2p 5p

Can they make a pattern with 2 items and then have a go at 3 or even 4.

Many thanks.

Date due in 15-2-19.


24-1-19  Creating a bug.

This week we have been looking at Mum Bug and Bob Bug from the Oxford Reading Tree.  The children have been making their own bugs in the play dough and the workshop area.  

As a fun activity to do at home could your child please create their own bug using any materials that they like.  It would be extremely helpful if you could talk about the materials that they have chosen, what they are called and why they have chosen them.  Also talk about the process of making it - first I got this, then I did this.....

Your child could then record this on their homework sheet.

Have fun and get creative!

Many thanks.

Date due in 6-2-19.

10-1-19  Finding out about Winter.

Next week we will be going on a walk around school and we will be talking about the weather and what season we are in.  Could you talk to your child about winter and find out:

What the weather is like?

What clothes do we need to wear?

What has happened to the trees, etc..

Date due in 23-1-19.


13-12-18  Getting ready for Christmas.

We would like you to spend the week talking about the activities that your child has been doing in order to prepare for Christmas.  They could draw a picture of something that they have done and write a word or caption about it

Date due in 9-1-19.


29-11-18  Longer and shorter.

We have been reading the story Handa's Surprise and looking at the difference between where Handa lives and where we live.  Could you go for a walk with your child and talk about what they can hear and see.  Is it different to waht Handa saw?  Are there any similarities?  Could you record what your child says.

Many thanks.

Date due in 12-12-18.


15-11-18  Longer and shorter.

We have been learning about measuring different lenghts and making comaprisons.  We have learnt the language associated with length - long, short, longer, shorter, longest, shortest.

Please cut out the caterpillar help your child find objects that are longer and that are shorter than him.  Your child can draw their findings.  Have fun!

Date due in 28-11-18.

What a difference we can see already in the children getting dressed.  A lot of them have told me that they are practising this at home and are keen to show me how they can fasten their coat by themselves.  They are certainly becoming more confident when putting on their clothes.  Thank you for your support.

1-11-18  Getting dressed by myself.

The children are now wearing their full kit for PE lessons.  We would really appreciate it if you could support your child at home by teaching them how to get dressed by themselves.  Could you please go through the order in which we put our clothes on as we had a lot with jumpers on before they had put their polo shirt on.  This skill is a requirement within the Early Learning Goal for Health and Self Care that your child will be judged against at the end of Reception.

Many thanks.

Date due in 14-11-18

Thank you for all the words that your child was able to make and talk about with you at home.  We are really starting to tune into the phonemes when segmenting simple words.

18-10-18  Letters and Sounds.

Thank you to all those parents who were able to make it to our Letters and Sounds sessions, it was great to see so many of you.  For their homework during the holiday we have sent home the phonemes that your child has learnt so far.  Please cut up these letters and see how many words you and your child can make with them.  Your child can write them down and send in their list of words that they have been able to make and read.

Many thanks.

Date due in 31-10-18

Thank you for all the wonderful information that you sent in about visiting the doctors, dentist or hospital.  It's lovely to read how good you all were and how you enjoyed getting your sticker from the dentist.

5-10-18  Well-Being Week.

Next week is Well-being week in school.  We will be focusing on people that help us and therefore wouldlike you to talk to your child about any trips that they have made to the dentist, doctor, hospital, etc..  They can draw a picture and could you please write down anything that they say.

Many thanks.

Date due in 17-10-18

Thank you for all the homework this week, it was wonderful to see how many things your child had found when they were out and about. 

21-9-18  Brown Bear Brown Bear.

This week we have been looking at the story "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see". The children have been for a walk around the school and talked about what they could see.  Could your child draw a picture of something that they can see at home and talk about what they can see that is different to the things that they saw in school.  Is there anything that is similar to the things that they saw in school?

Many thanks

Date due in 3-10-18

Thank you for all the homework that was handed in.  It was lovely to see what the children have enjoyed doing at school.

14-9-18  My First week in Reception.

Next week we will be talking to the children about what they like doing in school.  As part of our focus on speaking and listening, the children will be sharing their ideas with the rest of the class.  Therefore as part of their homework it would be extremely helpful if they could share their thoughts with you and you could jot them down.  What are their interests in school?   Do they talk about any of their new friends? 

Many thanks.

Date due - 19-9-18.



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