21-12-17 My Christmas.

What are you doing at home to get ready for Christmas? Are you going to visit anyone? Who and why? How did you celebrate Christmas?  Have a lovely Christmas holiday.smiley

Due Date 10-1-18

For the next couple of weeks could you practise Away in a Manger with you child.  Have fun!

Thank you for all the information about your winter walks.  It was great to read the comparisons and I hope the children were not too disappointed that there were no elephants to be seen!!

16-11-17 Handa's Surprise

This week we have been looking at Handa's surprise and we have talked about about what she saw on her walk. Could you and your child go for a walk around their local community and talk about what they can see and hear just like Handa. Is it different to what Handa saw on her walk? How is it different? Please scribe down what your child says and ask them to draw a picture of what they saw.

Date due 29-11-17

Well done for all your investigations.  It was lovely to see how many of you involved the family to compare the length of your hair. 

9-11-17  Length Investigation.

The children having been looking at different lengths in school.  They have been introduced to the language long and short.  Could you and your child look for different long and short items at home and draw them.  Can they compare the lengths using the vocabulary longest, shortest, longer then and shorter than.  Have fun on your length hunt!

Date due 15-11-17

The children really enjoyed taking about what they did for Bonfire Night.  Thank you for the lovely drawings and information that you sent in. 

2-11-17   Bonfire Night

Talk to your child about how you celebrated Bonfire Night.  Draw a picture of what you did with your family. What did you see and hear?

Date due 8-11-17

Well done to all the children that had a go at the monkey bars over the holiday.  It was wonderful to see all the risks that you were taking at the park on the different equipment.  Thank you for the wonderful photographs that you sent in it was lovely to see the children having fun.

20-10-17  Gross Motor Skills.

Over the holiday we would like your child to concentrate on their gross motor skills as this will have a great impact on their fine motor skills. Therefore we would like your child to visit a play area/ park and have a go at climbing, up and over climbing frames or scramble nets. Also, if they are very daring could they try the monkey bars as this is brilliant for developing upper body strength which is vital for helping your child’s ability to hold and control a pencil. Please write down how your child got on.

Date due 1-11-17

Wow the children are certainly busy at keeping healthy at home.  It was lovely to read how active you are and how many of you enjoy eating lots of fruits and vegetables.  Well done.

12-10-17 Well-being Week

This week we have been partaking in well-being week and we have looked at how to keep our body and mind healthy.  Can your child draw a picture of something that they do at home to stay fit and healthy.

Date due Wednesday 18th October


Well done to all those children who completed their day and night homework.  It was great to read the differences that you saw and recorded. 

Thank you for your support.


5-10-17 Day and Night

This week we have been reading the story Owl Babies and looking at day and night. We have talked about what we do during the day and at night time.

Over the weekend could you and your child look out of the window or step outside and talk about what they can see and hear.


Thank you for all the homework that was completed and sent in.  You certainly looked carefully around your house to find lots of differences and similarities to the things that you can see in school.  It was wonderful to read the comparisons that you made.  Well done everyone.

21-9-17 What can I see.

Based on the book Brown Bear, Brown Bear what do you see? We have been on a walk around the school and described what we saw. We compared the outside and inside of the school and talked about the differences and similarities. Could your child have a look around their house talk about what they can see. Can you scribe what your child says. Is there anything different that they saw at home compared to school?

Date due Wednesday 4th October


Thank you for all the homework that was handed in on Wednesday.  It was really interesting to read what your child likes about school.  I am glad to read that so many of the chiildren have settled in well and that they are enjoying their dinners.  All the children that completed their homework were awarded a class dojo and received a sticker.

Thank you for your support.


8-9-17  My First week in Reception.

Next week we will be talking to the children about what they like doing in school.  As part of our focus on speaking and listening, the children will be sharing their ideas with the rest of the class.  Therefore as part of their homework it would be extremely helpful if they could share their thoughts with you and you could jot them down.  What are their interests in school?   Do they talk about any of their new friends? 

Many thanks.

Date due - 20-9-17.


Every fortnight your child will receive a home/school task that is related to what we have been learning in school. 

Your child will need to hand that piece of homework in by the due date which will is located at the bottom of each task in order to receive a homework sticker and a dojo. 

Every half term your child will be rewarded with a homework certificate for completing all the home/school tasks sent out.

Many thanks for your support in this matter.  We look forward to seeing all of the children's wonderful work.

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