It is expected that all children will read at home daily, and record this in their Reading Records.  This can be school books, own books, comics, magazines, football programmes etc.  Basically ANY reading is great!

Also, spellings can be learnt over a period of 2 weeks.  It is ok for children to score 0 in the pre-test as this shows where practice is  needed.  Any practice done after this, will enable that score to improve by the final test. Also, the Year 1/2 Common Exception words should be practised so these are all spelt correctly by the end of Year 3.  These are in Reading Records and on the End of Year 3 Spellings tab.

Weekly times tables tests are completed by all children so it is paramount that these are practised at home as well as in school.  Division facts, along with the multiplication facts need to be practised, as they wil be tested on both.  It is rapid recall, not just chanting the multiples.  Children will move to the next times table when they have scored 59 or 60, on 3 occasions.  They only have 10 minutes to recall 60 facts!

As a school, we have also signed up to a brilliant programme which helps with spellings and sentence building.  All children have their usernames and passwords and need to log on to www.idlcloud.co.uk to use as many times as they like. An app can be downloaded onto Ipads but on Android, you will need to go onto the website itself.

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SEN Contact: Mrs Katie Bennett