Reception Hometasks

Every one to two weeks your child will bring home a home/school task for you to complete.  These tasks need to be returned to school on or before the date that they are due. At the start of the year Reception hometasks are usually games or practical activities that you complete with your child - they are carefully chosen to help your child in their development and to complement their learning. As the year goes on more drawing and writing is intoduced into the task.

Please find all home school tasks attached to this page as seperate pdf files.


Pairs - place cards face down. Take it in turns to turn over 2 cards at a time - if they rhyme you keep them, if not put them back and the next person has a go. Top Tip - start with just a few cards so your child isn't overwhelmed.

Odd One Out - put out 3 cards, two that rhyme and one that doesn't eg  fox, socks, dog.... Can your child find the odd one out?

  Silly Soup - the teacher in the YouTube video linked below is playing this game.

Video of a teacher playing Silly Soup

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