Recorder Club

Welcome to Recorder Club!

Recorder Club takes place every Monday from 3-4pm and is currently open to year 3 and 4 children.


We are made up of 12 budding musicians who have been playing the recorder for the last 2 years. Some children have been with us for up to 3 years and have learned many new notes and lots of new songs.  We like to play a wide variety of songs, ranging from the more traditional recorder tunes 'Mary Had a Little Lamb' and 'London's Burning', to the the extremely funky 'Uptown Funk'. Please click the link below for a sample of some of the sheet music we use.


Throughout the coming year we will have places available for more children from year 2 to join our club.


We very much hope to see anyone who is interested in learning to play the recorder at Recorder Club soon!

Miss Wrenn, Mrs Stout and all of Recorder Club

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We have recorded some of our favourite tunes and uploaded them to the website so everyone can listen to us! Please click on the mp3 links below to hear our perfomances.



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