Spellins 16.4.18 - TEST 27th April

Please see spellings below and remember to practise them at home. You can repeat write, rainbow write, cut up and put back together, play hangman, learn them by making up songs and chants.......

past, passed, allowed, aloud, proceed, precede, affect, effect, aisle, isle, category, cemetery

Remember it is important to practise using JOINED handwriting - the pattern and flow of writing the word helps when you are spelling - your brain and muscles remember the pattern made.

DON'T use capital letters, unless the word is a proper noun!

The meaning of the words you are spelling is just as important - you won't be able to use them in your writing (which is an expectation in year 5 and 6) if you are unfamiliar with what the words mean!

If you need or want anything to help you (extra exercise books, pencils etc) JUST ASK.



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