Autumn Term 2

Our current attendance is 96.67% for the whole class. Last half term we were 6th in the school, with an overall attendance of 97.31%.  We really need to try to get our attendance up so we can be in the top 5!

13 children  are at Gold attendance (above 98%)  11 children have 100%

6 children are at Silver attendance (96-97.99%)

11 children are a Bronze attendance (below 95.99%)

Let's see if we can all be in school and on time every day, as this will always improve your attendance.  Remember the door closes at 8:50am, so you'll have to go to the office and be marked late, if it's shut when you arrive.


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Sherdley Primary School

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Main Contact: Mrs Marie White/Mrs Helen Smith - Office Administrator / Mrs Angela Webster - School Business Manager

Tel: 01744 678683
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SEN Contact: Mrs Katie Bennett