Our Curriculum

Curriculum Statement

The curriculum is all the planned activities that we organise in order to promote learning, personal growth and development. It includes not only the formal requirements of the EYFS and National Curriculum 2014, but also the range of extra-curricular activities that the school organises in order to enrich the experience of the children. It also includes that which the children learn from the way they are treated and expected to behave in and around our school.

Aims and Objectives

The curriculum, whilst paying due regard to achieving improved standards in English and Maths, is also broad, exciting and challenging curriculum.

We do this by:

Providing a fun, stimulating and challenging learning environment

Reflecting our high expectations through encouraging independent learning and self- discipline.

Establishing a mutually supportive partnership in which parents, carers, governors and staff share responsibility for the education of our children.

Promoting an awareness of and respect for a diversity of cultures, values, beliefs and abilities.

Working together to create a caring community of learners where every child feels safe and valued.

Ensuring that all children have appropriate and equal access to the curriculum.

We use Letters and Sounds for our phonics teaching and our reading scheme is Oxford Reading Tree.

Reasons for Writing

These ideas go alongside the work which the children would normally be carrying out in the term. Our Whole School focus is on improving writing levels, so we are developing ways of incorporating more interesting, and ‘real’ reasons for writing – to encourage pupils to take pride in their work, share it with other people and have an interesting or exciting end product to look forward to. We will be carrying these out for every half term unit and have also added an idea of linking one into a different topic area – it could be linked to Science, History, Geography, RE, Art or even PE. At the end of each of these ideas we will be gathering feedback from the pupils to give us more ideas for future Reasons for Writing. We hope that this will encourage the pupils to understand why they are learning the different skills we teach them in Literacy lessons, and see a purpose to them linked to real life.

WOW! Moments 

The idea behind this development in the curriculum is to provide excitement and interest into the topics covered by the pupils. We will be covering the skills and learning which we are required to cover, but aim to add a memorable link for the pupils. The WOW! Moment may be towards the end of a unit, or near the start – it might be something that the pupils work towards, or could be something that happens to capture their interest early on in a new unit. The purpose of the WOW! Moment is to be memorable and exciting for the pupils, but it is also an opportunity for sharing. We have tried to plan in an opportunity to share the exciting learning with other people – parents, carers, other year groups, other schools. We aim to add a WOW! Moment to each of our half termly topics and would love the pupils to be really involved in them as time goes on. We will gather feedback from them so that we know what works the best. Each WOW! Moment will provide a perfect opportunity to use the skills pupils learn in Literacy and Numeracy, as well as developing their PSHCE skills and communication skills.

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