Parents' Opinions Matter

We care about what you say. Parents often comment on our welcoming atmosphere, happy environment, our good (and improving) range of after school activities, inclusion of children with special educational needs, safety of the children, children make friends well, teachers are approachable and supportive, school is accommodating when issues have arisen, displays are of a high standard, teachers have good rapport with children, transition between year groups and being able to share their children's experiences by attending weekly and class assemblies.
From our most recent parental survey (May 2016), you said that we were good at:

Teachers look after the children well…

Lovely the way that the choir goes out to nursing homes at Christmas.

Like a breath of fresh air over schools in the borough, a credit to all the staff and leadership.

Support children who are struggling academically.

Very happy with how my son has developed and progressed since starting Reception.

Just asked my daughter the same question and her response was “everything about school”, that says it all to me.

Supports my child’s individual needs.

You make my daughter feel proud to be who she is and create a great community for her to belong to.

The school has a very open community feel and the family learning weeks are great….

…..has been fantastic in helping to settle my child into school and it is evident that her enthusiasm for teaching/learning has had a significant impact on the children.

It was a breath of fresh air when our children came to Sherdley from their previous school. Incredible difference on the staff and management of the school. A credit to everyone involved.

……has come on leaps and bounds since joining the nursery…..

Texts home for reading every night.

Whizz Kids are great.

I am thoroughly happy with the school and have never had a reason to feel otherwise……My daughter is very happy and loves coming to school.

My child feels good about herself when she receives praise……keep it up please…..

Encourages children to be independent.


Parents also commented on areas that you felt we may need to develop:

Extra-curricular clubs for Year 2. - More clubs are now available and it will continue to improve

Involve outside organisations to encourage writing……more science….better understanding of the local community. Would love more drama activities. - some of this has happened with visitors to school and workshops that parents can get involved with.

No. - thank you

….class reward scheme for good behaviour needs reviewing…… - this has been fully reviewed. Head's Forums and pupil voice all helped us to rewrite and update of behaviour policy. The new policy has been shared with parents.

….more focus on core academic subjects – more differentiated of learning - lots has happened to improve delivery of lessons and the new style differentiated input is have a great effect on improving standards.

…..less waiting time at parents evening - Parents' Evening have been improved with the use of an online booking system, meeting times doubled to 10 minutes and it's now over two days.

The behaviour policy needs to be altered so that it’s more inclusive……It has, see above notes

Communication with parents is often last minute. - this has dramtically improved. We now use Facebook, Twitter and the website to communicate with all stakeholders. Regular fortnighly newsletter go out. Letters go home on specific days (Tuesday and Friday).

Extra-curricular activities have been sparse in recent years. - we have increased the number of activities available each term

Letting parents have more notice about events at school. - school calendar now has all the events on and is often months ahead

Communication with parents. - see above, lots of improvements

Project or research based homework. - following on from parental and pupil consultation we have amended the homework system. Following a further review at the start of spring term 2016 we have made further improvements. We will continue to review homework.

Communication or rather the lack of…. - hopefully you will agree that this has vastly improved.

KS1 would benefit from extra-curricular activities…..more clubs have been put on.

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